LOCE Wellness Posture Trainer
LOCE Wellness Posture Trainer
LOCE Wellness Posture Trainer
LOCE Wellness Posture Trainer
LOCE Wellness Posture Trainer
LOCE Wellness Posture Trainer
LOCE Wellness Posture Trainer
LOCE Wellness Posture Trainer
LOCE Wellness Posture Trainer

LOCE Wellness Posture Trainer

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The LOCE Wellness Posture Trainer will help to relieve your neck or back pain, help to improve energy levels and allow you to enjoy the benefits of being more active through improved posture.


The LOCE Wellness Posture Trainer helps to:

  • Stop slouching and fixes a hunched back
  • Reduce neck and back pain
  • Improve your overall posture and increases your sense of positivity and wellbeing
  • Improve circulation
  • Train your muscles, which means that your muscles get stronger from wearing the posture corrector allowing you to have better posture in just weeks.


  • Comfortable and easy to adjust.
  • Made from neoprene and cotton meaning that it is lightweight and breathable to make wearing for short or longer periods a pleasure.
  • Iterative design improvement which has been designed over a long period of time based on users requirements and customer feedback, ensuring that the posture trainer will suit your needs perfectly.
  • Velcro “V Strap” makes the posture trainer easy to adjust whilst remaining strong and fixed with no slipping during use.
  • Easy to put on, easy to adjust and easy to remove.
  • Suits men and women.
  • Robust and made from the highest quality materials
  • ls discreet, comfortable and easy to wear.

The posture trainer is not a “quick fix” and we don’t provide outlandish and ridiculous claims that could never be true.  What we do know is that evidenced based research and our customer's feedback over years shows that our posture corrector is a great tool to help your body understand what correct posture feels like.

Unlike most supporting braces, the LOCE Wellness posture trainer is designed to “train” your body to improve form and functionality, promote muscle growth and muscle memory, which will provide your body with no alternative but to improve your posture.  Your body will do this after using the LOCE Wellness posture trainer.  The posture trainer could help to alleviate your headaches that are caused through posture related tension of your back and neck muscles.  

Using the trainer with a light and simple complementary exercise regime you will be able to live the pain free, healthy, happy and active lifestyle you’ve always wanted.
The posture trainer will stop your slouching, it will correct your poor posture and generally improve your health and wellbeing. 

The LOCE Wellness posture trainer will improve function and build positive muscle memory to provide positive and lasting posture improvement.  You will be amazed at how great you feel.

How to Use the LOCE Wellness Posture Trainer 

Its easy to put on, easy to use and easy to wear.

In 4 simple steps shown below, you can wear the LOCE Wellness posture trainer under your clothes.

Start by wearing the LOCE Wellness Posture Trainer for 20 minutes each day for the first 7 days.  Increase usage to between 1 and 3 hours daily for the next 4 weeks. 

Initially wearing the trainer will feel unusual.  This is normal and natural.  You have had poor posture for many years and it will feel strange at first because you are not familiar with the sensation of what good posture feels like.  After the first week, you will start to feel more comfortable each time you wear the trainer and no doubt you will start to enjoy wearing the trainer.

Within 14 days you will start to see and feel the tremendous positive effects of your posture improving and all the positive effects of good posture.

After the initial 5 week period you can wear the posture trainer as required and to meet your daily requirements.  Generally 1 to 2 hours each day is sufficient for better posture.  Your body's natural muscle memory will be working by this time.  Your body will know the sensation of proper posture and will start to retain that good posture.

You will look better, you will feel better and you’ll have much more energy to tackle everything that life has to offer.

Buy the LOCE Wellness posture trainer, your body will thank you for it.