Why your smart phone is keeping you awake at night

We’re all doing it, and we probably don’t even know it.  But the more time we spend in front of the computer or on our smart phone, the more our posture is suffering.  9 in 10 people lean forward sticking their necks out way in front of the spine to get closer to the screen, which compresses the neck and causes a range of negative health effects. 

Recent studies by some of the leading Universities in the US have found some really scary health related effects of poor posture.  In addition to headaches and neck pain, poor posture can also have a negative effect on your mood, cause constant tiredness and fatigue, result in poor concentration, impact your ability to sleep properly and can also cause digestive problems such as reflux, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

These are really significant issues and left unchecked can lead to long term health effects.

One of the main causes of poor posture is when we lead forward to get a better view of the smart phone or computer screen.  This leaning forward with our head well out in front of our neck and spine creates tension and compresses the neck causing the pain that we feel.

Our head, on average weighs about 5kg and when we lean forward sticking out our neck and head, this places a large strain on our neck muscles.  The further forward we lean, then more strain that is going through the neck.  Could you lift a 5kg dumbbell with a pencil.  No, of course not, so we shouldn’t be using our neck in this way either. 

I’m not trying to scare you, but this really is a serious issue.  But there are some simple and convenient things that we can do to improve our posture when we are using our smart phone or when at work in front of our computers.  Firstly, sit up straight.  When we sit up straight, our buttocks (bums) are directly below our spine.  This position supports our spine and our neck and reduces the enormous strain that leaning our neck and heads do to us. 

Secondly, make sure that when you are using your computer, that it is set-up correctly.  What I mean, is that make sure that the height of the screen is correct and that it is not too far away from your eyes.  Too many times, I see screens that are not set-up correctly causing neck and back pain for the users.  In the case of the phone, lift it up when you are using it so it is closer to your eyes so you don’t have to lean forward. 

I know it can be hard to learn not to do these things and because we are humans, we have a tendency to go back to what we have always done, and that means more slouching, more leaning our necks forward, more neck pain and more headaches.  But if you need some help in getting started, if you need some help to teach your body how to stop leaning forward towards the computer screen, or if you need some help to reduce your tension related headaches or neck pain, then the LOCE Wellness posture trainer can help you.


Designed to be worn under your clothes, the LOCE Wellness posture trainer is your answer to better posture.  It can be worn just like any other piece of clothing.  It is discrete, comfortable and easy to put on and take off.  The posture trainer can be worn for as little as 20 minutes a day and it is designed to train your body to understand what better posture feels like.  The posture trainer then helps you to maintain that good posture.  The posture trainer is a comfortable, lightweight and convenient clavicle brace that can be worn to work, school or during your daily routine.  It is easy to put on, easy to wear and is made from neoprene and cotton meaning it is lightweight and comfortable.

The LOCE Wellness posture trainer can help you to better health in a matter of 20 to 30 minutes per day.  To find out more visit www.locewellness.com.au

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  • Great article. I have had poor posture for many years and this is really helpful. I can’t wait to receive my posture trainer!

    Shane Wingard

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